Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fat quarters...

If you visit my blog, you've probably read mention of my friend Melanie's mixed media studio and store, Art Connection.

Well, I volunteered to help Mel with her pre-loved rubber stamp sale Sunday, and clearly spent too much time surrounded by art materials. I already have a lot of rubber stamps. (More than a thousand is a lot, right?) And I already have reams of paper. Many, many reams...and sheets, and pads, and packets, and pieces and scraps. And lets not talk about beads. Glass, wood, resin, silver, crystal -- round, square, tubular, shiny, dull -- carved, molded, faceted...you get the picture.

So as the crowd thinned, I had time to browse in this wonderful store, which has lots of beads and lots of papers, and lots of rubber stamps, which I already have lots of... and lots of FABRIC, which I don't have lots of ....yet!!! I am not a fabric artist at the moment. But yesterday, I heard the fat quarters calling me. For those of you unfamiliar with quilting, a fat quarter is not the section of the store where we ask the chubby people to sit (though I would be at home there these days)... it is a piece of fabric cut to 18 x 22 inches, and typically used in quilting and other fabric art projects, and I can't believe I've resisted them for so long. They are folded just so, and in most stores, you'll find them shelved by color, in hundreds of patterns. I had to have some. I have no idea yet how I will use them. For now, I will stack them in a basket near my art table for inspiration and wait for them to tell me their purpose... these were my selections... some fun swirly prints and some shimmery lame, which my limited photography skills cannot capture very well.

...and this weekend, when I go back to Art Connection to teach my Charm School class (pictured here), I suspect I will be bringing home more fat quarters!!!


Liz Ness said...

In some ways, I'm glad that it was my sister that inherited the ability to sew (rather than me). I simply love prints and patterns too much for my own good. I guess this is why I have paper spilling out of the closet...too much paper and I love it all. Yes, I LOVE it all!


Marilyn Rock said...

I'm with you Kerri! The fat quarters at Art Connection are just beautiful! There's such a collection there! I'm not much of a sewer but I still use the fat quarters on cards, in collages and even on my birdhouses.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your charms for your class at Art Connection; awesome!! Love the little bottles!

Cindy Dean said...

I love fat quarters! Not the I use them much but I do have some! My collection of stuff sounds like yours! Ever growing!