Sunday, May 21, 2006

New spring lineup...

Lots of new things this weekend...New furniture - from Lazyboy - we have been waiting since February for a set that would take six to eight weeks, and then, even though we live one mile from the showroom, they gave us a four-hour window today in which the set would be delivered, between one and five p.m. What exceptional customer service. Maybe that's where "Lazyboy" comes from? But it's here and I love it. I never thought I'd have an entire living room full of recliners, but I do. Egads! What have I become? Even the sofa reclines - on both ends. Scott and I also bought Max a new bed to match the furniture, but now he has his own recliner, so I suspect the bed will go unused. But more importantly, it matches the room.
The other big "news" (actually bigger than new furniture)is that my friend Melanie has opened her own arts & crafts store with a pay-you-go studio in back, and the grand opening was also on Saturday. It's called Art Connection, and it's in Socha Plaza in Scotia, New York - She has a wonderful assortment of beads, mixed media art supplies, and fabric swatches to name a few. I will be teaching an art doll class there later this summer and will post more soon.
Also new is my sister Cheryl's new blue wheelbarrow that she bought over the weekend. In spite of the fact that she will be using it for rocks and soil and plants in her yard,-- as well as the occasional Avery ride -- she made the salesboy roll out every wheelbarrow until she found one without any scratches on it. This attention to perfection and detail was made more ironic by the fact that her entire criteria for choosing the wheelbarrow was the color. But it has a coat of "New England" blue paint on it, and Avery will look so cute having her picture taken in it, among the perennials.

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Rob said...

Well I just checked out the ''Blue Wheelbarrow” and WOW what a beauty! Funny you should say that she was looking for the one without scratches because if she paid that much attention to detail in her house it wouldn't be crawling with dust bunnies, (that by the way Avery has named a few and plays with them quite nicely). Now either she doesn't plan on using the wheelbarrow or if it comes disassembled she has no chance. And by the way the “New England Blue is really an imposter of the NY Yankees” You would think she get Red a classic of the little Red Wheelbarrow. But then again who am I to judge I live in a brown house with a pink door!