Saturday, May 13, 2006

Making deals with God

Let me begin with the fact that Avery is doing very well, and may be home by Monday, after a 3-d echo to make sure all is well in her incredible heart...

Last night, my sister called to say that Avery wasn't doing well. Her eyes were dark and sunken, she was lethargic, and she was bluish, a sign that her oxygen levels were low. They were doing an echocardiagram to see if there might be a leaky heart valve. I got off the phone and just froze for a moment, looking at some pictures of Avery posted on my fridge. The lump in my throat was like a fist, choking me of all my air. I clutched the prayer box I wear around my neck and began to make deals with God. Take me, take my dog, even! - that's pretty generous as I really love my dog. Then I began to clean house, as it's a mindless activity that I can do while I worry. One load of laundry and a kitchen floor later, Avery was doing very well, recovering from dehydration due to meds to take fluid off her lungs. And Max and I are still here, so we're hoping that God isn't just waiting a day or two before making good on that deal.

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