Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My heart is with Avery today

As I write this, Avery is in surgery. I will probably not have more news until later this evening so I won't be posting and update until morning. She is undergoing a different procedure than what we originally expected because she's actually done so much better than most babies with her condition.

This is Avery, looking very happy next to her 'big girl bed,'wearing her 'Sox chick' t-shirt. (sorry Yankee fans, but she's Boston born and bred.

Now for some completely irrelevant news in comparison: I've managed to post some images of my journal artwork at the right under the art & life category, but I haven't figured out yet how to display some of them without clicking on the button, like I've seen on other blogs.

More irrelevant yet: I used the new drive-through prescription pick up at CVS this morning - what a great service. Just like the bank, but they give you drugs instead of money!