Monday, April 12, 2010

We've flipped!!!

My amazing friend and artist Marilyn recorded me doing a demo last Thursday night with her flip video. We're preparing for an exhibit and demos at the 5 Rivers Nature Preserve in Delmar, NY in June, and Marilyn has a new toy... a Flip video recorder.

The link is below, if you're interested, but I feel the need to preface it with a few explanations:

1. I am not endorsing Bandaids, although I should, and I recommend the flexible fabric kind. Prior to this video, I had been working outdoors and ended up with blisters on both hands. I think it's a great look when doing an art demo.

2. I am not bleeding in the video. That's acrylic paint all over my hands. I have no idea how I became covered in acrylic paint 40 seconds into the recording, but why should I be any neater on film than I usually am?

3. I am not using acrylic "ink" as I repeatedly say in the video. I am using acrylic paint - regular inexpensive craft store acrylic paint.

4. I was doing okay up until the 4-minute mark, where I forgot a step -- and turned a perfectly good monoprint into a complete mess. I actually knew when I messed up, and I should have yelled "CUT," but I was mesmerized by the fact that it was being filmed and I didn't want to mess up the flow, so I just acted as though I totally intended to smoosh all that paint over a perfectly good monoprint and obliterate it.

5. FYI...this is a very early sneak peak of a class on printmaking that I will be doing in the fall. By then, I'll have new bandaids in new places!

6. I do mumble a bit in spots. I apologize. I thought I was speaking out loud, but the video doesn't lie!

In spite of the flaws, I had fun with this, and Marilyn and I plan to offer more techniques & sneak peeks in the future.

So, if, after that intro, you are still interested, here it is!


Marilyn Rock said...

Kerri! Love it! I love seeing you in the video; it flips me out :)

I'm still thinking on those finger puppets, too-lol!

You did a great job and I see you've already had 5 views on Utube!

Looking forward to flippin' more with you in future! Love ya-M

Createology said...

How very awesome to watch you in painting action. I love what you are doing and the artistic "mess" you are making. Your prints will become a fabulous art piece I just know. Maybe a journal cover? What a great way to share your technique with the Flip video. You and Marilyn make a great team. Happy painting...

Peggy Beck said...

You are very good on video Kerri and I enjoyed watching it too. Marilyn, good focusing.

Looks like much fun and I'm sure when all is done it is going to be a happy accident.

ArtPropelled said...

I really enjoyed that! You held my attention from beginning to end and lovely to hear your voice, Keri.