Thursday, May 14, 2009

There's no place like home...

Tomorrow, my last heart in the "nine hearts" series (previous post) will be headed to Boston, so I created a new series. This one has an obvious theme. It will carry with it my wish (and all of yours) for Avery's full recovery so that she can go home and resume her normal five-year-old life, with friends, neighbors, swingset, goldfish, a fridge full of Pelligrino and stops by the ice cream man, to name just a few of her favorites. These are just simple pencil sketches on foam core, embellished with buttons & velvet rickrack.

I have also been busy with some new heart paintings, which will make their debut here soon. I need to add just a few finishing touches!

And speaking of Avery, just a quick update:
She continues to amaze her doctors and make progress. Her lungs are improving and her heart has been stable. She may be extubated in the next few days (again), and we hope this is the road to her return home for sure this time!!


Saucy Chick Sherry said...

You are amazing too Kerri Jean! What a wonderful auntie to Avery you are. These new art pieces "home" are a very special way to keep the positive energy flowing into Avery and her recovery.
P.S. You look very happy in your new photo. :o)

Marilyn Rock said...

You and Avery make a great team. Both very strong and amazing! Super girls! Love your "home" hearts, here, and yes that is all our hope to get Avery home so she can enjoy being a 5-year old girl. She so deserves that! Thanks for all the updates and your beautiful expressive art. xxoo

fran p. said...

God Speed to Avery! Praying she continues to amaze the doctors ... you could expect nothing else from such an amazing child. God looks down on special people to keep us all aware of His presence. Avery and her wonderful, supportive family have touched many lives and reminded us of what is really important!!!

Robyn said...

Holding thumbs for Avery to head home soon.