Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blah, blah, blog...

I think that sums up my blog lately. A bit lackluster. I am working on a number of art projects but they're not ready to be unveiled yet. So, I've decided to spice up my blog a bit by posting a nude photo of myself. Just click here.

I knew you'd look...and as you might have guessed, that's not me...if it was, I would be walking around nude everywhere, and I'd have a nude profile photo at the right. But it's a good segue into the story I wanted to share today -- another minor office catastrophe -- the kind that keep my colleagues amused and from which I escape, still employed, but with just a little less dignity than the day before.

I was at work one day, several years ago, and I received an email from one of my female colleagues whose office is just down the hall. The subject line was something vague, like "information for you" and when I opened the email, there appeared to be a photo attachment, named: "me-nude.jpg"

Well, of course, I opened it -- just like you clicked on that link -- and it unleashed some kind of nasty virus through my computer. I knew immediately what I had done, as my monitor blinked and my cursor flew around on the screen. And I also knew that, now, I'd have to tell my I.T. guy what I'd done...and how I'd done it. It went something like this."

K - "Hi, John, this is Kerri. I think I just unleased an email virus on my computer."

J - "Uh, oh, what exactly happened?"

K - "Well, I received an email from Nancy A. with an attachment that was named "me-nude," and well, as you can guess, I opened it, and bad things started to happen on my monitor."

J - "Why would you want to see Nancy A. nude?"

K- "I didn't exactly WANT to see her nude, but if I'm sitting at my desk and any colleague sends me an attachment named "me-nude" I'm going to look. Wouldn't you?"

J- "(laugh) No! I don't want to see most of our colleagues clothed! I'll be over in a minute to fix it, but first I have to send an email to everyone here to warn them not to do the same thing."

Great! Please tell this story to the other 85 employees here.

Footnote: Nancy wasn't sure whether to be flattered or a little scared -- probably she was both. She resigned the following year, and she didn't give me her new email address.


Cindy Dean said...

You made me laugh! That was a good story.

Laura said...

Great story, Kerri! Your blog has made me laugh, cry, ooh, and ahh, but blah ... never!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! What a great (and funny) story! Also, I didn't open the jpg and I'm not sure why. Too much Victorian in my blood? Maybe I knew it'd be a joke (come on this is Kerri, no?). Perhaps, I thought you'd really get us with the link. Not sure. Anyway, I'm glad your office story ended well. And, I'm glad you shared...I'm still laughing about it.

Patti G. said...

Well, I did open the nude photo and it is your INNER self! She is beautiful, soft, shapely and feminine! That is YOU! LOVE the new look of the blog and your sketches in your banner! LOVE it, and your story is funny too! Always a pleasure to stop here!
P.S. Max looks adorable!

Miss*Laurence said...

Yes it's funny for some... but that's really sad isn't it? it's not even that you'd be thinking " Great!I really can't wait to see that person naked, as I have always secretely wished to, what a fantastic opportunity" ... it's just an email from someone you know, and the finger on the mouse does the clicking automatically to see what it is.

Don't worry if that photo's not you so much be honest, if you really were like that, all wrapped up in sepia brown haze with enhanced highlights and very fuzzy, I think people would just stare anyway wouldn't they?

Still... to be honest I thought it was going to be a photo of you as a baby instead... ;-)

Jesse said...

Where did you get this photo of me. I thought I was the only one with copies.

Love, Lil' Sisser

Chris said...

Oh, Kerri. Kerri Kerri Kerri.

This is just what I would have done!


p.s. I won't specify which thing I would have done, but the point is, I identified.