Sunday, December 09, 2007

Truth in blogging... addendum

I re-read my earlier blog post and realized that those of you who do not know my sister might conclude from my previous description that she is perhaps materialistic and spoiled, and since she does not have this forum in which to defend herself it is only fair for me to mention that along with her great haircut, beautiful manicure, and designer bags, she is one of the most caring and generous people I know, and she would break every one of her perfectly polished nails for her friends and family --- I know. Annoying, isn't it?

Also, I wanted to add this to my list of "some people who annoy the crap out of me"

7. I forgot grocery aisle hogs - those people who park their carts in the center of the aisle so that you cannot pass, and they look oblivious -- or worse -- annoyed, when you say excuse me while they're comparing brands of peanut butter. Of course, they're probably ranting on their blogs right now about the crazy woman who flies around the corner of each aisle as though she's competing in "Supermarket Sweep." (for the many who are probably unfamiliar, this was a game show before reality TV, where contestants had to rush through the aisles trying to end with the highest grocery bill... I would have been really good at this game. I do it without even trying because I love things like pine nuts, olive oil, and really good cheese.)
...and 7b. People who allow their children to "drive" the cart in the grocery store. That's like giving your twelve-year old the keys to the car. They can't steer, because after the beverage aisle, the cart weighs more than they do; they're never in a hurry, which means they're inevitably in my way; and they simply don't care --- if they even notice, the homicidal look I toss in their direction.

Okay, I swear I am done ranting for awhile. (well, it is Christmas time, so I may have one holiday shopping rant left, but not so far -- that just illustrates how far behind I am.)


Cindy Dean said...

LOL...I totally understand about the aisle hogs! Being in the miltary community, I try not to shop on weekends when the commisary (our version of the grocery store, but cheaper) because that is when all the aisle hogs and children drivers are out! I bet we could have a race in the supermarket sweep...I am pretty damn good at getting that cart around!

Jesse said...


Don't give away my good traits. I actually liked the way you described me in your last blog. I do not however like this close-up of me. YIKES!!!!


Nancy Bea said...

I don't mind the kiddie cart drivers...I think they're cute! So proud to be helping, and so happy! But yes, those aisle hogs..augh. I once even had a "run-in" with a woman who was parked athwart across an aisle. I waited patiently for moment, assuming she'd of course sense my presence and move her cart with a flustered apology (hey, anyone can make a mistake!) but she didn't, so I politely said "Excuse me please." with a smile. She looked up with an annoyed frown, shoved her cart over a few inches and then said something as I passed. At this point I was still assuming the best, thinking she had made some apologetic pleasantry along the lines of "These aisles are just so narrow aren't they?" and I turned around and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, what was that?" She flushed, then stuck her chin out and said "Like you couldn't wait another goddam minute. Jeez!"

I was frozen like Lot's wife for a second...then said "Sorry if your inconveniencing others has inconvenienced you." and went my way. But of course I had to call a few friends and defuse when I got home!

Figaro said...

I don't know this person that you speak of. Is there a third sister that I have not met yet met? : )

Marilyn Rock said...

Love the addendum Kerri. Your description of the grocery store aisle hogs and kids "driving" the carts - two major reasons I don't like grocery shopping. Last time I went, a man left his cart in middle of aisle; no one could pass and he was on CELL PHONE talking to his wife or S.O. The person who he was talking to was telling him what to buy - aisle by aisle. ARGH!!!!

Anonymous said...


Robyn said...

LOL. I was just about to ask if your sister was aware that her mugshot was plastered all over blogdom for all in sundry to see.....but I see she has since discovered it.