Thursday, September 27, 2007

Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Elvira, and...

my sister Jennifer, all know the truth.
We were meeting a friend for dinner last night, and my sister arrived at my door in black pants, black tank, black shoes, and black accessories. Since I had the air conditioner set to sub-zero to compensate for my latest hormonal rebellion, Jennifer decided that she might be cold at dinner, (in fact she was already freezing), and asked to borrow a sweater. I handed her a black one, but then offered one in a color, so she wouldn't be completely shrouded in black. My sister's immediate reply as she snatched the black sweater was "You can never wear too much black."

In spite of the fact that I'm an artist, and I love color (just look at that blog header), I have to agree. In clothing, black has so many positive attributes. It's slimming (halleluja), it matches everything, (if for some strange reason you want to wear it with a color), and you can find just about every type of clothing and accessory in black - shoes, panties, pantyhose, pants, skirts, shirts, belts, scarves, and jewelry, to name a few. And it's a fact -- most people just look cooler in black. (Not all people - black is just a color, not a miracle worker -- and okay -- black is not really a color either, it's really the shade of objects that do not reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum, but I digress.)
In fact, the only bad thing about black is its mortal enemy - WHITE - as in pet hair, lint, deodorant, powder, etc. So now I have to go up to my attic and take down my fall-winter clothes, which are about 75% black, 15% gray and 10% other colors, for when I'm feeling mischievous!!


DEW said...

I must say I resemble your post. I LOVE black. For many reasons you state and I combat the negative attributes by owning a standard poodle that doesn't shed and buying Secret Invisible Shield and apply it AFTER I put on my black top. I love black because I LOVE color and want to have it stand out. My wild colorful scarves (one that actually looks like your header) and fun jewelry looks great on the black backdrop!! So YAY to black.

The only potentially negative thing about black is don't buy any navy. Once I had the same pair of shoes in black and navy. I went to work to discover that I had one black and one navy shoe - way more embarassing than when I put on one black and one navy sock :). Perhaps the other lesson is don't dress yourself at 5am in the morning. I now lay out my clothes the night before.

Marilyn Rock said...

Isn't that Elvira? Or is it Morticia? WOW! My hair used to be black like that and now .... well let's just say there's some snow on the roof :)

When I think of basic black, my mind always goes to Audrey Hepburn for some reason. Classy!!
Great post Kerri!!!!

Figaro said...

Is Jennifer stylish or just a freaky goth chick?

kerrip said...

Yeah, my sister so GOTH!!!! ha ha

Liz Ness said...

Yay for black (a staple for me, too)!