Saturday, September 29, 2007

Damn, this traffic jam...

how I hate to be late
hurts my motor to go so slow
this traffic jam
time I get home
my supper'l be cold
this traffic jam

well I left my job about five o'clock
took fifteen minutes to go three blocks...
just in time to stand in line
with the freeway lookin like a parking lot
-James Taylor

I was stuck in traffic about a week ago on my way home from work, and I decided to take a side road -- but so did everyone else, so I was still stuck in traffic,so I took out my digital camera to capture some scenes along my slow ride home...

The one with the car was a complete accident that I think turned out pretty cool. The car wasn't there when I focused on the tree in someone's yard, but by the time the shutter depressed, it zoomed by. Of course, I was just getting to enjoy this project and traffic started moving again so this was the extent of it.


Laura said...

Cool shots, Kerri. That's the way to make lemonade out of lemons! Love your accidental photo.
I'm so glad to have you blogging again - I had missed you while you were too busy with work. I finally saw your blogging article and it was great!

Nancy Bea said...

Nothing like rolling with the punches. Having your camera to hand definitely helps with that I've found. Nice work!

Liz Ness said...

Now, that's a great way to live in the moment (rather than curse the moment)...AWESOME!