Friday, October 13, 2006

Studio Friday - FEAR!!!

This week's topic for Friday October 13th suggested by Casey: FEAR!
"I have been away from Studio Friday for a while, and I really struggled with the toot your own horn topic. It actually made me do some free-writing and I thought of another topic that might be helpful for some of the studio friday artists: Fear.

On the lighter side, I am afraid that my studio will never be big enough, and I fear I will eventually run out of paper or gel medium or glue dots, which is totally unrealistic given all the stuff in my crowded room.

I could also talk about fear of the blank page or artist's block but right now, it's about so much more than that for me. It's a topic I am grappling with all the time these days. Being in my 40s has been a real turning point in how I spend my time - an awakening of sorts, to how fast life is flying by. I truly can't believe I'm in my 40s. Just yesterday, I was in my 20s with time to waste, and then, where did my 30s go? In my 40s, I am impatient. I am much less tolerant of chores and things and people who waste my time. This may sound cruel, but it's not meant to be. It's really just prioritizing.
I just finished a book entitled "The Moth Diaries" by Rachel Klein. It's the story of a diary kept by a teenage girl at boarding school, and in one passage a character says "You wake up one day and you're just like them -- amazed not to have lived the life you imagined you would. Do you think anyone is satisfied at the end?"
...and that is my biggest fear... that I will wake up one day, much older, having spent 21,900 hours doing laundry, and 6,240 hours cleaning house, and 63,000 hours at the wrong job, and I will regret that I didn't spend all those hours more meaningfully, .. and that's assuming I am lucky enough to grow old....
And then I iimmediately feel miserably ungrateful, because I really do have a great life - a wonderful husband, a beautiful little home, a great job, good friends and family, my health. But still, I fear not spending the time I have from this point forward on the really important things - my family, friends, creativity, health, community.
For those of you with children, you may feel differently. Raising a child, putting another human being on this planet, is to me the ultimate sacrifice and also the ultimate gift to humanity (well, sometimes.) But I chose not to take that path, and while I don't regret it, I wonder, then -- what is my purpose, and is what I do ever enough?
...Incidentally, I didn't really have any artwork in my studio that illustrates this theme, so I am posting a note that a friend slipped under my door at work one day when I was talking to my creative coach on the phone. She's really a very supportive friend with a scathing wit.

I also love the website, which plays fun at those motivational posters with de-motivational products. I love this kind of humor and these things never cease to amuse me... I tried to post a few of my favorite posters, but they must have it blocked, or I am an idiot... (entirely possible, and I'm sure they have a poster for it!)... so here are the links to my favorites, related to this theme...





Going For Greatness said...

hey Kerri! great post today on this topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I catagorise a lot of the things you mentioned as 'worries' rather than blatent fears though I suppose a worry that you worry long enough eventually DOES become a fear, right?!
Excellent things you brought up here that really make me THINK!! *YIKES* here I am at 38 and have I lived life to it's FULLEST? *sigh* I dunno... I think I have .. but then I wonder if I haven't! I have SO many things I want to accomplish and I feel like I am just at the beginning of my 'adult' life ( I feel like I'm a perpetual 18 year old, honest to goodness!!
Well.. great take on this week's topic ! I will check out those links. I think you and I have a similar sense of humor and I LOVE it!
have a fearless weekend!

Going For Greatness said...

ps- My creative coach can beat up YOUR creative coach! na na na na na!! LMAO!!!

Robyn said...

I'm having a good snort and giggle at your post. The friendly note is a classic!!

Anke said...

The note is funny! Good to have such freinds who support. Time flies and it goes fast when you have kids. But it's worth every day. But a lot of times I can't track of certain happenings and they slip my mind which I would have love to keep....I guess that's life.

Sydney said...

I love that note and I got a giggle out of your post! I've never been very tolerant of things that waste my time, but they seem to come along.

dahlgirl said...

thanks for visiting my site! and i sympathize with your studio fears. making a conscious effort to live a meaningful life is a tough one...those loads of laundry and daily life will go on getting in the way. coming from a nonprofit background where i helped people on a daily basis, i find myself asking questions about how much my creative efforts are doing for others...

nancy bea said...

That note made me laugh out loud: wow! Loved the whole post, and as a mother/artist, let me tell you we parents have a whole different world of fears at which you can probably only guess (lucky you)! No one gets away fear-free, alas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and humor!