Thursday, October 06, 2016

All good things must come to an end…

After such a long hiatus, I feel like I owe an explanation to anyone who has hung around long enough for me to post again. I will start by saying that all is basically well in my world.

I am in a really good place physically and mentally, in spite of the fact that this year has been a bit of a shitstorm for me. Three flat tires, two car accidents and a complex fracture for Max – and those are just the highlights. But I handled it all with incredible grace and maturity. Yup. Right after I threw numerous temper tantrums, had myself a massive pity party, and bitched to anyone who would listen. Let’s just say, the swear jar is full. I don’t handle these things well at all.

So, you’re welcome, readers. I spared you. 

But I still haven‘t explained where I’ve been, have I? I have been trying to answer these questions: What’s next? Is this really all there is? Why am I so restless? What do I want to say? Do I have anything left to say? And if so, is this where I want to say it?

So I have been pouring my thoughts and feelings into a private journal, because so much of it is just the noise in my head, and it’s just too messy for public consumption. 

I am thinking that this blog may have run its course and served its purpose. That and the fact that my blog URL is saddled with my married name, and that just continues to bug the crap out of me. But it’s also that I think a blog deserves time and attention, and this year in particular, I’ve really neglected it.

So I am going to give this some thought, and regroup. I have some other online projects in the works, and I may move over to Wordpress, with a new name. If and when that happens, I will let you know.

PS – to those faithful few who have continued to show up for my inconsistent posts, I thank you. I am so grateful for the positive aspects of technology, that connect us through our art and our stories. Xo Love, Kerri 


fran pascazio said...

Well, my friend, I just decided to jump on your blog to see what was happening and was delighted there was something new to read! Let me know when you pity party is and I'll bring something sinful….xo

Debbie said...

Ha! Can totally sympathize. Same here - writing in a private journal only for my consumption. It is therapeutic! Actually I've been using 2 different journals for different parts of the journey - one I will keep to remind myself that life goes on, the other I will burn to destroy all evidence lol. Hang in there sweetie!

Peggy Beck said...

Hi Kerri. I'm almost laughing but not quite. I certainly neglected my blog and only had like 2 posts all last year. Ha. Now, yesterday, I thought maybe I'd start a new blog but sharing all that I find are my favorite things. Things I find to be contributing to a healthier lifestyle. I guess life happens to all of us and I'm sorry you had so many trials. I'll bet that you are stronger and wiser now and happier too. I love Fran's comment and should you have another pity party, I will come gladly and if I knew what sin was, I'd bring some of that too. lol. Happy New Year 2017 to you. I see your word is "listen" and it's a good one. Mine is "Hope" since who knows what Trump will bring or take away to or from us. Hang in there. I love you girlfriend.

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