Wednesday, January 13, 2016

One of those days

Did you ever just have one of those days? Well, for me, yesterday was one of those days.

After spending several long and tedious hours cataloging and reorganizing all of my original, digital artwork – a necessary task that I have put off for a very long time – I lost it. All. In one accidental slip of a finger. One accidental tap of a DE-fucking-LETE key. Not in the trash, where it could be retrieved. Just gone. Adios, muchachos.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

I was truly stunned when I realized what had happened. And how quickly and completely 300 files had just disappeared. I just sat there for a few seconds and mentally assessed the damage.

But I didn’t panic. In spite of how much work it was going to take to fix it; in spite of the fact that my day was going less than perfectly in a half dozen other ways prior to this disaster. You know you’re having a bad day when you tell yourself that at least you’re not a Syrian refugee, in order to feel better. But for real, that works every time. These are “first world problems,” as they say.

I did an inventory of the damage. I had lost about 300 files, and all of the organizing, numbering, and clean up work on them, but I was fairly sure that I had all of the original sketches and that most of the digital versions of my artwork were elsewhere on my pc. 

So I settled in on the sofa with Max, turned on the State of the Union address, turned OFF the State of the Union address, and watched a DVR’d episode of Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna always make me feel better. 

And today, I catalogued and organized them all over again. -- So stay tuned. All of this work is for my website, which has been "under construction" for two and a half years. I think this happened just to test me into proving how much I want it. 


Createology said...

Ahhh...Perseverance! You and I think very alike with regards to Chip and Joanna! I am thankful you did not give up on your files. Today I had two Transforaminal Injections at L2/3 and L3/4 for my right leg pain. All the angst before the procedure and now I can relax and rest. Hopefully these work or I will be just like hitting the delete button and having to begin again. Hump Day and all is well...

fran pascazio said...

OMG Kerri….kudos to you for your determination! Happy to hear you're working on your website!!!

I must tell you, I do the same thing about telling myself "that at least I'm not homeless" or "living in a third world country without bathroom facilities"….it get's me through when something upsets my world! xo

Peggy Beck said...

Wow, I can't imagine the horror, but I'm glad you realize that everything is temporary and most times can be fixed even though the exercise is just that. Exercise. Of the brain, of the spirit. You always seem to recover and the universe is guiding you to something great. So happy you will have a web site. Can't wait to visit it and see more of you...

Chip and Joanna are my faves...Love her decorating and the humor in Chip. Can't get enough of that show.

Here's to a wonderful fulfilling 2016...

Marilyn Rock said...

Sorry for that kind of day Kerri! �� However; your determination got you through and I think by turning off the State of the Union address too! I am looking forward to your website! CoxoM

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