Monday, December 28, 2015

My Girl-ifesto.

As the new year approaches, I decided I should have one. You can call it a mission or vision statement, a business plan, or a mantra for life, but I like having a Girl-ifesto. I think it sounds feisty. And I am feeling a bit feisty these days. 

My Girlifesto 
Speak your mind. 
Tell your story. 
Sing out loud. 
Own your quirks. 
Laugh at yourself. 
Laugh, period. 
Cry, too. 
Be curious. 
Be furious. 
Have fun. 
Break the rules. 
Make things. 
Go places. 


Createology said...

Simple and to the point! I LOVE your Girl-ifesto. Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year Dear...

fran pascazio said...

Love, love, love this Kerri….have a wonderful new year my friend!

Peggy Beck said...

Happy New Year Kerri. Love the Girlifesto and sounds like great advice for others as well.