Friday, February 13, 2015

More digital collage

Sometimes, or more accurately, most of the time, I have an urge to journal, to spill out my fears and frustrations and problems on paper, but at the same time I am afraid of revealing too much. I find it awkward and painful to read my own admissions of struggle or failure. So I find myself hiding the words somewhat by incorporating them into an art journal page, or in this case, a digital collage. 


fran pascazio said...

Kerri, love the past three posts of yours - I haven't been blog hopping lately! Your digital collages are amazing, I can't even think of drawing with a mouse! I have a hard enough time with a pencil and eraser! I've always admired how you can spill your thoughts in a journal, even if you do cover them up - I have a difficult time with doing that.

Mother Nature certainly is a bitch with a terrible sense of humor! I, who really never complain about winter too much, am getting tired of being cold. Of course, when the humidity is off the charts I'll be singing another song. The only thing I can say is this, "this is probably the one and only time I'm glad I don't live in Boston or on the Maine coast"…..there is always, always, always someone [ or many someones' in this case ] that have it worse than us!!!! Besides, we are closer to Spring and IT WILL COME EVENTUALLY!!!! maybe….

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