Wednesday, April 30, 2014

digging in the dirt

Like tilling the soil in springtime, new routines make us dig deeper within ourselves, ask questions, and discover abilities and ideas we did not know we possessed. And then we bloom. And grow.  Of course, there will be droughts that make us wilt, and weeds that try to strangle us, but if we continue to reach toward the sun, we can blossom into a [insert your favorite flower here.] – peony?

For much of the past year, I have been “tilling the soil,” so to speak. Not entirely voluntarily, I might add. I lost my job – well that is not entirely true. I know where my job is. It moved to NYC, and now someone else is doing it. Good for her.

Bitch. Actually, she seemed like a very nice person. I met her. I "oriented" her. I was asked to give her all of my files, and I was told by my lying, little, tiny coward of a boss that she was being hired to help me. For the record, I never believed that. And even though I don’t want that job back now, working for that teeny tiny "man," I still resent her from time to time. So, I am not all sunshine and daisies. None of us are. And that is a part of the message that has been working its way up to me through the dirt that has been my life this past year.

But the real a-ha moment for me is that now, I finally know what I want to say. I am both a positive and negative person. I like this contrast, and I like to poke fun at it. I like to laugh at life’s troubles and indignities. I believe that our troubles, more than our triumphs, unite us, and that sharing them helps us to know that we are not alone. And that we will get through them.

So my message to the world is sunshine AND rain. sweet AND sour.  good AND bad. strong AND weak. And I want to convey that message, with humor, through my art and life.


Marilyn J. Rock said...

Yes; these contrasts in life. Great post, Kerri, and "tilling the soil" is not easy for sure. The act does allow some things to grow, blossom, and prevail!

You are entitled to your feelings; sounds like you're searching them true - you go girl! (I'd actually like to take a swing at that bitch myself) !!!!!! :) How tall is she? - lol!

Can't wait to see you!!!!

Love ya! M xo

Createology said...

Well my friend...based on this post and how excellently you have written the words to convey the message, I do believe life is bitter-sweet. Without the contrasts we would not be able to appreciate when life is good and the best for us! My words do not flow well but I hope you understand I am with you on this. Slap the Bitch and Pummel the Boss in your humor and angst. I have lots of these types in my life. Keep making ART in your own blissful way my dear...

fran pascazio said...

Great post Kerri! I totally love your writing…there is such a talent there girl! I always hate to email you because I feel like I'm emailing my English teacher and I'll get it back loaded with "red" marks!!!! I know it's in your blood and you can't help it and you're always so kind and never say anything about the punctuation and grammar [but I know you're correcting in your head] ;-}

My two cents is saying the bitch is kind-of the bystander here….she was hired to do a job probably not knowing she was going to replace you [or maybe not]. The problem is with your lying, little, tiny coward of a boss telling you that she was being hired to help you when she knew she was hired to replace you. I say we need to take a swing at her!!! I had the same thing happen and I cannot, for the life of me, understand how bosses can be so insensitive. So be it! I really believe things happen for a reason - let's just see.


love you….see you tuesday…

Peggy Beck said...

And you do it so well!