Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Hey folks. I know I promised I'd have details my next class offering up over the weekend. Well, since I am writing this on Wednesday, that obviously didn't happen. My weekend flew by, with a few unexpected events that were not in my plans -- not bad stuff -- just stuff that takes time.

That is one of the things I am struggling with... time. The new job starts earlier and has a more time consuming commute, and it eats up my morning, which is my most productive time. I now have time at the end of the day -- not much -- but a little more, but I do not use end of day time as productively. I used to be a night owl in my 20s and 30s but I have morphed into an early bird (lol, that would be a funny illustration).

Anyway, I am not happy with myself. I hate to announce my plans and then fail to deliver, but I feel like I am famous for it.

I am also in desperate need of sunshine and exercise. I have no excuse for the latter except, again -- time. And again, that was something I used to pack into my morning.

So I am mourning my loss of morning, and trying to find ways to adjust my needs to this new schedule. Okay. enough ranting. I don't have time. Waaaaaah. (okay I am not just struggling, I am whining.)

sneak peek... these are the latest paper clay houses on which the class will be based (can you tell I am ready for spring?!)


fran pascazio said...

Kerri, don't beat yourself up….it takes time to adjust to a new schedule no matter what your age! Listen, this weather has managed to leave a lot of people , including myself, without energy and just in a funk. I feel as you, I need to move and get outside a little. But, as everything, this too shall pass and the weather will start to warm, and the sun will shine and with that hopefully give us all a big burst of energy. I am looking forward to your class no matter when you hold it and if you have to change the flowers to leaves and have to add pumpkins to the mix so be it!!! Take one day at a time and if you have an opportunity to do something fun, take it!

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Hi Kerri,
Don't get the whip out okay? You're human. You've been adjusting to a new beginning, and I, for one, know that takes time. Be kinder to yourself and true to yourself.

You know we'll all be, here, when you're ready!

I love Fran's advice - take one day at a time and if you can find some fun, in your life, right now - go for it!

Love ya - M xo

Createology said...

Whine away dear and I will listen because I have lots of time issues in my life. Your clay houses are very sweet and they do bring Spring to mind. Honor your feelings my friend...Creative Hugs!

Peggy Beck said...

These are so precious. Love them. Makes me wish for the time to get back to doing these things. Soon! Thank you for always inspiring me….