Monday, January 09, 2012

My soundtrack for 2012...

Does each of your years have a soundtrack?
So that when you hear a song, it brings you back to that place in time where you first heard it, reviving memories you thought were long gone. It's just one of the amazing gift that music gives us. It audibly marks a place in time.
Every now and then I hear a new artist or band that just transports me – a new album that, although I’ve never heard it before, is already in my bones…like the songs were already a part of me and my whole being was just waiting for them to finally be written and played and sung.
I heard just one of this band's songs and I knew I would love them. I bought the cd without hearing another note, and I feel like these guys are old friends, (okay, young friends) who've been singing me awake for years... the beginning of my soundtrack for 2012.
And just so that you can appreciate the whole picture of how I love my music, I play it really really loud from my iPod dock and dance around my living room like I am the star in my own music video -- sometimes I even add this drum or tambourine.

Eli Young Band – Life at Best"…keep on dreamin’ even if it breaks your heart"

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Cynthia Julian said...

I love the idea of a place in time being audibly marked. I usually think about smells or pictures triggering memories. I remember when I first saw the movie Forest Gump, I cried like crazy for the loss of my youth. I was transported back in time to the Vietnam War years by the music of my youth. I'll go check out your soundtrack for 2012. After all, we can only live in this moment and I've heard that listening to new music keeps one's creativity going.