Sunday, January 08, 2012

A mischievous elf...

Avery at Christmas, 2011.
I hijacked this picture off of my sister's ofoto account. I think it was supposed to be our Christmas card, but either I've been dropped from the mailing list or (more likely) my sister didn't have a chance to send cards. I know, she looks so grown up, doesn't she? She'll be eight in April, but like so many precocious little girls, she is often seven going on seventeen.

She had a brief overnight in the hospital just before Christmas due to an intestinal bug and some dehydration, but overall, she is doing awesome, and we don't ever take this smile for granted!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Oh my! Where is the time going Kerri? Look at that face! She's so beautiful and her smile and expression shows so many things....hope, confidence, yes a little impish :), and enjoying life! So glad you shared! xxoo

Peggy Beck said...

Love this picture Kerri. She has grown so much since the last picture I saw of her. Wow. What a joy. Thanks for sharing.