Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Where did this year go???

I can hardly believe it's December already. Somewhere in between holiday decorating, shopping and celebrating, December is my time to take stock... of the year, my life, my art, my journey.
I am giving thought to my "word" for 2011. The one that will guide me for the next 12 months.
This year my word was BELIEVE, and while I am in a very good place in my life, and I think it is a magical word, I am not sure I took advantage of the power of this word as I should have during the year. I could have believed in myself more, taken more risks, trusted the Universe to provide.

So, on this first day of December, I will leave you all with another picture of snow people - these were created by my niece Avery on a recent visit. I should add that when I created my first bunch, with a group of friends, we spent an entire day choosing scarves, headgear and embellishments. Avery, on the other hand, with her youthful enthusiasm and total lack of creative inhibition, whipped these guys up in about thirty minutes and wanted to know "what's next?"



Ellen aka Ella said...

Believe seem to fit for you and your sweet niece, Avery~ She is adorable!

Createology said...

Hi Kerri: First and foremost I believe in Avery and in you. The strength and courage that you and your entire family has is amazing. I love Avery's snowpeople. They are over the moon adorable...not quite as adorable as Avery is though. I understand how the child's creativity is so carefree where it takes us too much decision making. Happy December to you my dear. I too have been reassessing my 2010 and thinking of my "focus" for 2011. I shall look forward to your word of 2011.

ArtPropelled said...

Avery's pretty little face gazing out at us is a good reason to believe.

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; I think you've done well with the word Believe AND we all believe in YOU, Kerri! Avery is so beautiful and the sparkle in her eyes says it all. Her snowmen are so charming and you are such a significant person in her life and the time, together, is priceless! A wonderful post! See you soon.....Love, M

Peggy Beck said...

I believe your word was very appropriate for your journey this year and I know I took it on as my own too. You continue to amaze me along with Avery. They have no inhibitions and are driven by the Universe. Maybe there is a lesson there. Her snowmen and yours are precious in every way.