Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lost and found

I found this little girl's ballet slipper while walking Max the other day. We walk on a path that passes a local elementary school, so it's not entirely uncommon to find all sorts of things that kids lose along the way. In this case, it wasn't exactly lost as I had to wrestle it off the little ballerina's foot, and she put up quite a fuss for a seven-year old, but it was worth it!

Okay, I'm kidding.
Really. I would never do such a thing.
Ever. Almost never.
Not even for my art.
Well, maybe.

Anyway, it may be years before I find the perfect art piece in which to incorporate this well-worn little slipper. It's owner may well be starring in Swan Lake by that time. Or perhaps after our little altercation she has decided to play soccer instead!


fran p. said...

If the little ballerina is playing soccer you better watch out! She'll be looking to kick the woman that ripped the shoe off her foot that fine day in June 2010!!!!!!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Great find Kerri!

Createology said...

You are sooo funny. Thank you for this post that had me smiling. I love this little ballerina slipper and know you will find the perfect project for it. Happy creating...

Kerri said...

i'm so glad you didn't have to wrestle down a ballerina girl for that!

my name is kerri too! it's rare to find someone else who spells it that way-