Tuesday, June 15, 2010

400th blog post - an an art giveaway

Normally, I hate rainy days. I don't like how dark and damp and cold my house gets. I hate venturing out through puddles, saddled with an umbrella that never works right. Walking Max is monumental chore in the rain, since he can't hold his own umbrella and he hates getting wet. And rainy days are synonymous with bad hair days in my world...

But it was drought-like in Upstate NY until the beginning of June, when it poured buckets, and for once I embraced a dark, damp day by curling up on my sofa with Max, a cup of coffee, an an overdose of HGTV. I also turned on my beeswax pot, and made a few little 5 x 5 beeswax collages...

Here they are:

Which brings me to my blog giveaway!

#1 my heart, thy heart
#2 twilight comes
#3 garden fairie

Just leave a comment telling me what you like about rainy days - and also rank from 1-3 which of these pieces you would like to receive if you win. On Monday, June 21, (the longest day of the year!!) I will pull three names at random as the recipients. The first name chosen will get their first choice, and I will try to honor your choice if you're second or third, based on what's left. I will announce the three winners on June 22, and ask you to contact me via email with your mailing address.

FYI, for those of you who've participated in past giveaways, I have learned a lot during my 400 blog posts - and one thing I've finally learned is to have the giveaway items wrapped & ready to go BEFORE offering the giveaway (I was not always so efficient!!). So these pieces are ready and waiting for mailing addresses and I promise you will not wait ages to receive them if you win.

I want to thank you all so much for visiting, and sharing your thoughts and support and inspiration with me.


fran p. said...

As an early commenter, Kerri, my choice when you pull my name is - I would be honored to receive any one of these beautiful beeswax collages....I really mean it..I love all three. Whatever the other two winners choose you can give me the remaining one --- positive thinking that's what it's all about!!!!
Seriously, if I have to tell you what I like about rainy days my answer would be "I love the sound of rain" - I find it calming. I also love when rain is accompanied with thunder....love a summer thunder storm.....nothing like it.

good wishes to you on sunny and rainy days.

Createology said...

Hi Kerri. Your beeswax collages are wonderful. I am truly enjoying your art as you express your feelings and share your talents. My favorite has to be the Butterfly with music #1 My Heart, Thy Heart.
As for the rain...I love how refreshing it is and the fact that it nourishes all life. I agree umbrellas are a nuisance and I do not like to use them even though I must have at least three at all times just in case. They are a fashion statement for me LOL. Thank you for offering your super generous giveaway. Happy creating...

Mylyne said...

What is good about rainy days is that people stay in and make it a grand day for connecting. Your collages are stunning. My first choice would be #1, #3, then #2 in that order. Thanks for this chance to win one of your unique pieces.

Peggy Beck said...

What I like about rainy days is the sound of the rain on the roof of my porch and the smell of clean air after the rain.

I love all three of your works Kerri and would love to have any one of them.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift to us, your friends.

Laura said...

Congrats on your 400th blog post! Don't forget...I'm looking forward to a book authored by you!

I actually love rain (as long as I don't have to be out in it a great deal). As a child my Grandmother's house had a tin roof and I always LOVED the sound of rain on it. Rain to this day gives me that same soothed feeling!

I really like all of the collages, but I guess my order would be #2, #1, #3.

Marilyn Rock said...

I love creating art listening to the rain! I would be honored to win any one of these - love em! xxoo

Amy P said...

That has to be the BEST rainy day ever! I love them all, but if I had to chose 1 first because I adore butterflies! 3 for the love of fairies, and 2 because it's amazing too.

Stop by my blog, I'm having a giveaway too!

gail said...

The best thing about a rainy day is to curl up with a good book and listen to it rain! Sometimes I cheat I found a great thunder storm cd with no music on it, even my cats like it!!
Your work is beautiful! My favorite is number 3, it reminds me of being little, then number two reminds me of now and number 1 is just very pretty!!
Are you going to be teaching a class on this?????

Melanie said...

Hi Kerri,

All three pieces are great.
If I had to choose First choice would be My heart,thy heart. Second choice Garden fairy. Third choice Twilight comes.

What I like about rainy days is that I feel like they give me permission to curl up in bed for the day with Nudge and a good book.

ArtPropelled said...

I love the first one, my heart thy heart, followed by Twilight and then the fairie.

What I love about rainy days is its a good excuse for reading piles of books waiting for just such an occassion.

Annette Holleger said...

Three beautiful pieces that really reflect your style. I'm working on feeling through how to compose a piece and put it all together with a cohesive feel. I lie the way the pieces flow.

Rainy days are a wonderful excuse (permission?) to settle in at the art table with Max on the floor near you - or wherever he wants to be.

I like garden fairie, my heart, thy heart and then twilight, in that order.

Thanks for sharing.

Lorri said...

I love your work, and hope I'm not too late to be included in your giveaway. I'm from Australia - sometimes being that day ahead helps! LOL
Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork :)