Wednesday, May 05, 2010

R.I.P. - SONY Cybershot - 2006-2010

At long last, I took my camera for repair, and the parts/labor will cost more than $120, so I will be shopping for a new digital camera very soon. If those of you reading this have any input, I welcome it. I am looking for something under $200, that can take rapid shots and is small/very portable (not quite like yours Marilyn!) The one thing I have never liked about my Cybershot is that unlike the original tv commercial that showed a woman leaping out of her restaurant chair to get a super-fast photo of Steven Tyler, it took forever for the camera to focus and shoot. It's amazing that I was able to capture nature or action of any kind, and I frequently missed the "moment."


Marilyn Rock said...

You mean you don't want a camera that you'd need a dolly to carry it wherever you go?????? I don't get it :) xxoo

Anonymous said...

iPhone or dolly. That's what I'd do. =)

Peggy Beck said...

I don't know enough about cameras to help you Kerri, but hope you find the right one.