Thursday, March 18, 2010

Journal far

I am trying to live in the present these days, and it is very, very challenging for me. I am a planner, a compulsive list-maker, calendar-keeper, a budget-balancer, etc. etc., and all of these things involve looking into the future - at what's next rather than at what's NOW!!!! I don't think I waste too much time in the past, although I do occasionally indulge in the shoulda, coulda's and of course, by it's nature, this blog typically tells the story of what I'm planning (future!!) or what I've done (past!!), so clearly, I'm screwed.

And speaking of the past, (phewf, so glad to be out of the future), here's a glimpse of my journal cover - from the workshop series I am teaching with my friend, artist Marilyn Rock.

Marilyn and I also recently took a class in carborundum printing at the Troy Arts Center, (in the recent past) and our creative wheels are turning with regard to offering our own less traditional variations of print-making. When? you might ask? Well, in the future, of course!! We'll be offering one more local workshop together this spring, and then I plan to take much of the summer off from teaching to enjoy outdoor activities before we regroup in the fall.

I will be sharing some of my carborundum prints in another blog post.


Createology said...

Oh Kerri Jean I love love love this journal cover you have made. Butterflies are my very favorite and these are so my colors. I do not know carborundum (I think an old car of mine had issues with one of these LOL) printing and I look forward to learning and seeing more of your work. Happy creating...

Marilyn Rock said...

Kerri! Oh; this journal cover is stunning! I love it! I see the use of those masks in there! Gorgeous!

You know, friend, I'm honored to have been part of your past and am equally as honored to be in your future plans :) You are amazing! Love ya - M

Peggy Beck said...

I am so in love with this cover Kerri and wish it were mine. But I like mine too. I too am so happy to be a part of your past and future. Right now I think you are fantastic at what you do.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful (and cool about the future plans)!

Patti G. said...

The journal cover is just qonderful, I love the colors and depth of the design! GORGEOUS!

Avery looks so happy! I love seeing her doing so well! HURRAY!!!!!!!!! What a little gift she is!

Sending hugs for a good weekend!