Monday, December 14, 2009

A trip to the city...

Dec 5-6.

NYC to be exact. It was great. I went with my Aunt, Mary (with me, at right), and we were hosted by my cousins, her sons, Adam & Scott. We had three great meals (lunch & dinner on Sat, and then brunch on Sun), as well as fabulous seats to see Wicked. I find musicals to be a bit over the top, and can only take them in small doses, but it was a great show, and the set was phenomenal.

One of the highlights for me was a trip to the MOMA, where my cousins left me in search of a bar with a football game airing. I only had a couple of hours, but I could easily have spent all day. It's an amazing building, and I was awed to be in the presence of such incredible art. And yes, I chose the MOMA over a bar! It doesn't happen often, folks.

When I told my sister Jennifer that I wanted to see the MOMA, she said, "What's the MOMA?"

"The Museum of Modern Art."

And she said, "Seriously!?"

I said, "Yeah, why? Where would you go?"

She replied "Jimmy Choo!"

And I said, "What's Jimmy Choo?"

"A shoe store - from Sex in the City!"

So when we did find ourselves passing Jimmy Choo, on our way to dinner at the Monkey Bar, we had to stop for the photo! Notice the shoes, attached to the half-naked lady in the window. Kind of like the MOMA!


Marilyn Rock said...

Kerri! Great post and thanks for sharing your NYC experience! Awesome art, great time with family and I think I would have opted for the MOMA over the bar just that once.

Love ya - Marilyn xxoo

La Dolce Vita said...

what a fun post, thanks for giving us a tour! would love to see the MOMA! still laughing cos I didn't know what JIMMY CHOO was!!! / is hahahah!

ArtPropelled said...

Great post.... Wish I could have been there!

Anonymous said...


Love the Jimmy Choo shoes in the picture.... FABULOUS!!!

Thanks for thinking of me....

xoxo LiL Sisser

Peggy Beck said...

What fun to be there. The pictures are great but the experience sounds even better.
Thanks for sharing Kerri.