Thursday, September 03, 2009

A wet summer...

Part 2 of my travels took my sister Jennifer and I to the NY State Fair in Syracuse for the Kenny Chesney concert. If you think we were wet running through the Prudential fountain (previous post), you should have seen us by the encore.

Thank heavens for Cowgirl hats & stylin' rain phonchos! The Fair boasts a booth called Pride of NY where you can purchase NY grown/manufactured goods. I wanted(naturally) a bottle of NY State wine, but apparently State law prohibits my carrying the bottle around the Fair -- I could, however, carry 4 plastic cups of the same bottle, poured for me. Ya gotta love the law! I was also tempted to get an airbrush temporary tattoo, but I am glad I resisted this urge, as it would have been dripping down my back by the end of the concert.

I would also be remiss if I didnt' mention Kenny's warm-up act - one Jake Owen - I see a crush of the month blog in my future.

Here, again are the highlights.

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Anonymous said...

Sisser I had a great time even if we did get a little wet..... I am waiting for Jake Owen to be your crush of the month. This way I can have Kenny back.