Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The title of my latest mixed-media painting. Also, that time of the month. (TMI??) I don't care. I'm in that kind of mood today. I think the muse has returned because I am becoming more myself. It's a process over which I have little control. Or perhaps I could control it but I no longer want to. I'm being very honest today. Not that my blog is a lie, but it's fairly heavily edited. I am usually careful to share only so much of myself in such a public forum. And I usually choose to share the good parts -or at least what I think are the safe parts. Not too revealing. Not too emotional. Not too personal. Not too mean. Not too sad. Not too petty. But you know what? Sometimes I am mean, and petty and sad and miserable. And during a week like this, I can be all of those things for half an hour, and then I am calm, and peaceful and fairly happy. For another half hour. And then who knows???

So that's where I'm at today. Right now. This minute. And I love every RED, manic, crazy, juicy minute of this life. And then I hate it. And then I love it. again.

Red. 16 x 20, mixed-media acrylics & collage on canvas.


Cindy Dean said...

Love it! Red being my favorite color of course! And I say...let it all hang out! You know I do!

Peggy said...

Kerri, I love your painting and your honesty, which means I love you. And I love that you can spit all that out. Hooray.

Marilyn Rock said...

Now; is that Pyrole red? :) I learned that at an art league meeting last night. Quite interesting.

Let it out on that canvas girl! That's the neat thing about our art; we can express many things on a substrate! Even our moods. It's funny; sometimes I'll start a painting, one day, it's going a certain way; I sit down, the next day, kind of crabby and the painting takes on another mood. You gotta love the every day! And; I know you do and we love the fact that you are in ours. xxooMarilyn

julie king said...

this made me smile and i am soooo there with you on the minute by minute thing!! can't wait to see what you do with t RED next!!!