Friday, February 27, 2009

Gratitude giveaway!!

As a follow-up to yesterday's post about my gratitude journal, I decided to assemble a box of goodies* for one lucky blog reader. Among the many things I am grateful for is the fact that anyone bothers at all to stop in and read this thing, so I want to say thanks to all of you. Just leave a comment about something for which you are grateful between now and 5 pm on Thursday, March 12.
On Friday, March 13, with much fanfare and probably some wine, I will ask a friend to pull a name out of a hat or shoe or something, and I will post the name of the winner, and arrange for shipment. ...I will probably add a few things between now and then too!
If you are unable to leave a comment, feel free to email me. My email address can be found by clicking the link at the right for "View my complete profile" and then clicking the email link.

*So far, the box includes a set of rubber stamps by Hero Arts, a fleece throw, a handmade memo board with easel, incense, chopsticks, and an assortment of art & craft supplies.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea Sisser. I do not want to be part of the giveaway but, I did want to tell you what I am grateful for. I am grateful for my family.... (especially my wonderful sisters) xoxo Jesse

DJ said...

Wow, awesome giveaway! I am hugely greatful for my family, don't know what I'd do without them!

Marilyn Rock said...

I am extremely grateful for my husband, son, and fabulous friends such as YOU!

julie king said...

i'm grateful for you, michele and your blog where i always find a bit of inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for my family and all of our good health. Such a blessing!

Patti G. said...

Kerri, I love your gratitude journal! What a great idea!

At the moment, I am in deep gratitude for being able to be a part of Mary's life, a special friend of mine, who is dying of Ovairan cancer! I realize how blessed I am to have been a part of things and to know her! <3

Thanks for the fun give away, and I am glad to see your happiness over the good things in your life!

Kate said...

I am hugely grateful for all the wonderful people I have met blogging. What a great idea, a giveaway and related to gratitude too. Awesome,


Robyn said...

Oh wow.....treasures! Lots of them!
I'm grateful for my family of course but right this minute I'm grateful for the blogsphere and all the amazing people who brighten my day.

Saucy Chick Sherry said...

Dear Kerri Jean:
I feel I know you as I have been following your blogs since I first bought Artful Blogging Volume 1 Issue 1 in 2007. Your blog is the very first one I ever viewed, read or followed. I am in awe of you and your ability to put yourself and your personal life and your art for others like myself to enjoy.
I am seriously grateful for you and your honesty for allowing me the opportunity to try to be an open person and artist.
Thank you so much.
P.S. I love your gratitude journal and your gratitude giveaway. I have come out of silence to let you know how grateful I am for you. Thank you!

Laura said...

Right now, Kerri, I'm grateful to finally be able to step, even a little, on my right ankle! Hopping for almost 2 months was very tiresome!

fran p. said...

Hi Kerri,
I am especially greatful for my health - without it I would not be able to appreciate the center of my family and I'm especially blessed with two beautiful grandchildren. I'm greatful for the new friends I've met through this wonderful world of art we are all a part of. . . and the list goes on.
I'm happy to see you active again!
Good Wishes - Fran