Monday, March 03, 2008

My February Ta Da list

How can time fly so fast, yet winter drag on so endlessly? This year seems already to be flying by, and I am starting to feel just a hint of the panic that always follows my grandiose plans for the year, when I realize that I could do it all, if I didn't have a house, and a dog, and a full-time job and all of the blessings and curses that go along with them. I did not spend nearly as much time in my studio as I had hoped to this month, but I did teach a class, and I am in the midst of planning several others -- right now I feel like a juggler who has all these balls in the air, and I am about to throw a few more into the mix, because it's just not quite difficult enough yet!!!

So these are the creative endeavors I tackled this month (I question my choice of words sometimes - it felt like tackle this month, rather than enjoy):

I read a bunch of children's books, as preliminary research for my children's book (which I now know already is going to take longer than the rest of 2008)...Among the books I read (and enjoyed thoroughly) were:
Lefty and Righty - A Tale of Two Feet
Backbeard and the Birthday Suit
Backbeard: Pirate for Hire
Bean Thirteen
The Truth about Cousin Earnie's Head
Four of the five are by local children's book writer and illustrator, Matt McElligott. He's a friend of a friend, and I hope to meet him this spring for some direction on my plans for a book of my own.

I continued to do freelance design work (and hand assembly) with my event planner friend.- I designed and assembled 200 place cards and 200 bags w/ handcut butterflies for favors. This is one of my juggling projects. I have many items in various stages of completion for this event. I do little bits each evening when sitting in front of the tv is all I have left;

I taught my first seniors class for 2008, and I am currently planning another one for next week;

I met with my creative coach twice - this is always so helpful to me. By talking out loud with someone skilled in listening and so supportive, as well as having "homework" to produce within a time frame, I am always able to clarify what I want most -- when I can't have it all at the same time.

I finally charged my iPod (a Christmas gift!!) and bought some iTunes -- this may be on the fringe of "creativity" but in spite of my job as a graphic artist, my blog, and my side job as a digital illustrator, I am somewhat of a techno-phobe when faced with new media, so I am listing this accomplishment because it's sooo hard for me sometimes to embrace new things.


Debbie said...

I feel tackled! So you are much better to be a tackler than a tackee!! Or is that I'm tacky...hummm

Love your illo/photo!! Very cool and fun. Great yoga pose!

Marilyn Rock said...

Love how you "tackled" this post Kerri! Your digi picture is really cool with the Yoga pose and the balls in the air. You have many of them but am confident that you can "tackle" all and you will :)

Cindy Dean said...

Love the picture! Very cute!