Monday, October 15, 2007

Pencil sketches

While trying to improve my painting skills this month, I decided that it would help to get back to basics - like drawing - to improve my painting. I always begin my paintings with a basic pencil outline, so this seemed to be a good way to practice improving the bones of my paintings. It's also something that I can do on a whim -- while watching tv or waiting for an appointment, or when I am too tired to pull out my paints at the end of a long day. These are a some images from one of my little sketchbooks.


DEW said...

These are very cool! All your ladies look a bit sad. I guess you've got so much on your plate that it is dribbling into your art! You can't draw enough so this is a fab idea and I love seeing people's "sketch dumps". They say a lot about where the person's art is coming from. Pencils are not scary art items - very friendly and un-intimidating. Go for it!

And thank you for your comment on my hat post. I don't know if was just the scanning of the ATCs that made my WCs seems so "alive" or if they are truly more alive. I'm still not certain. I so love mixed media and I want to marry the two together - successfully. I've never been a successful match maker ;)

Jesse said...


I love seeing your pencil art. This brings back great childhoold memories for me of when you used to draw all the time.

Keep it up!! :o) xoxo Lil'Sisser

Figaro said...

I like the sketches... very fun! Jesse tells me that you changed the background color just for me. Thanks! ; )

Marilyn Rock said...

Very cool sketches Kerri! It's all in the eyes :)

Liz Ness said...

Fun! I keep thinking that I need to pull out the sketch book...I haven't done any serious sketching, that's too many years to list (ouch).

Thanks for the inspiration!