Thursday, October 25, 2007

I have such a great sense of humor...

that I almost had to get my resume in order...
It happened like this.
My colleague asked me to forward an email photo of the new president of our organization to her. She referred to an image that appeared on page 10 of our monthly magazine. I looked on page 10, and there was no photo of our president. So AS A JOKE, I sent this image instead. She's not our new president, as you might guess. I expected to hear a chuckle from my colleague's office, and then a smart retort via email to send the correct photo.

Instead, I heard nothing. I wanted laughter - or a response - something, so after a few minutes I sent another email asking my colleague to check the photo I sent to make sure it was the right one... and her response to me was:

"Nice - I just sent it to the [name withheld to protect the guilty] newspaper...without checking it.
Our boss is gonna love us now. I copied her on the email."

Fortunately, our boss did not open the attachment, (because she trusts us!!) so she has no idea this is the photo we sent. And we did immediately send a correct photo to the [name withheld to protect the guilty] newspaper; unfortunately this is a rather small, NYC weekly union paper -- the kind where you'll find a diverse range of characters pictured all the time, and they might not distinguish between our esteemed president and, well, this woman.

So I have been anxiously awaiting a copy of this newspaper for over a week, to see whether I should be looking for a new job.

And it arrived yesterday, and it does not contain this photo.
So I still have a job.
This week.


Figaro said...

I like your new president's blue highlights! That would have been great to see that pic show up in the paper. Oh well ; )

DEW said...

This is hysterical and sounds like something I would do. But in my case they would have published the wrong picture ;).

Liz Ness said...

Heh-heh...glad it turned out well.

Marilyn Rock said...

Kerri! This is tooooooooo funny! However, I'm happy to read it turned out okay for you. I just think this is hysterical! Man; did I smile reading this - thank you!

Robyn said...

Yup! I'm getting a hernia. Thanks Kerri.