Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Girl-ifesto.

You can call it a mission or vision statement, a business plan, a mantra for life...  but I like Girl-ifesto. I think it sounds feisty. Yet girly. Like me. And maybe at least a little bit like you too, if you’ve found your way here.

Speak your mind.

Tell your story.

Sing out loud.

Own your quirks.

Laugh at yourself.

Laugh, period.

Cry, too.



Be curious.

Be furious.

Have fun.

 Break the rules.

Make things.

Break things.
Go places.





Createology said...

I love this Girl-ifesto. You have covered the spectrum of life dear. Now lets all live with gusto and follow our Girl-ifestos. Creative Bliss Dear...

fran pascazio said...

Love your Girl-ifesto…it suites you to a tee! And, sometimes, me, too!

Peggy Beck said...

This is life and so worth living. A nice easy way to enjoy our time here. You are all those things in the word Girl-ifesto and more…..