Saturday, November 02, 2013


As an avid photographer, my friend Lisa has an eye for composition, color and shape. This is another of the photos she took the day we went to Woodstock. On the left is her image, of a stack of plates at Taco Juan's. Just for fun, I applied a painterly filter in Photoshop to the image on the right.

And this was the hand dryer in the ladies room near the municipal parking lot. We loved the "instructions" added by a previous visitor to accompany the visuals.

In case you can't see clearly, 1. press button. 2. Receive bacon. 3. Don't forget to get some up your nose as well. (Sadly, the hand dryer was out of bacon the day we visited. Probably because we discovered that most of the restaurants don't serve meat!!)


Marilyn J. Rock said...

Great collaborative Kerri with you and Lisa and the plates. Very cool!

ROFL - the bathroom thing! xxoo

Lisa said...

Love the painterly plate version!!