Thursday, September 01, 2011

Some perspectives on living in the moment...

From the book Spark by Julie Berstein:
Richard Serra was freeing himself from the constraints of making art, by approaching it as play. --

"I'm interested in the notion of play; I'm not interested in the end, I'm interested in the activity itself; I'm interested in not worrying in a self-conscious way about what I have to make."

--Richard Serra, sculptor

or, as Zac Brown puts it:

"soak it all in, it's a game you can't win, enjoy the ride."
(from the song Quiet your Mind by Zac Brown Band)

The messages of process over product and living in the here and now resonate strongly with me these days.

So I'm off to live today like there's no tomorrow!


julie king said...

the only way to live!! so glad you get it!!

Createology said...

Living each and every day to its fullest is what we should be doing. I haven't quite learned to do this yet as I am very timid. I am so glad you are beginning NOW!! Celebrate and enjoy your life Miss Kerri!!!
Safe Labor Holiday weekend...

Marilyn Rock said...

I so enjoy living life with you Kerri! xxoo