Thursday, October 08, 2009


True - 10 x 10 acrylic, mixed media & collage on canvas.

There is major construction taking place on my regular route to and from work, and it is virtually impassable during commuter hours these days, so I took a side road into work today. As I wound this way and that before being deposited just above the traffic jam, I gave a moment's thought to the creation of roads, and how some of them go straight from point A to point B, while others, like the one I was on, have dips and curves, meandering this way and that before reaching their end.

It could be that winding roads are that way because making them straight would have meant plowing through rock or impossible terrain, but I like to think that some creative soul made them that way because they make the ride better - more rhythmic and fluid.

Either way, it also reminded me to take the side road more often - just for the change in scenery and the enjoyment of the journey.


Marilyn Rock said...

Sounds a little bit fitting for "Portals and Pathways" :) hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Love ya - Marilyn

Anonymous said...


I took a few side roads the other day to work as well and..... I did not think anything of the sort. I thought, this is very inconvenient for me. After it took me and hour and a half to get to work I decided the next time I need to take a detour I am calling in sick.

Can you say tightly wrapped? I wish I had a little bit more of you in me.

xoxo Love, Jesse

Lorri said...

Hello Kerri,
This is absolutely beautiful, I love it. Such depth and richness!
I was wondering if you could please advise whether you have sent Bec's and my altered chess sets anywhere? We haven't received them back home yet.
Thanks sweetie!