Sunday, August 02, 2009

Did I say tomorrow? I really meant, um, never.

I just read my last post to see where I left off and apparently I had promised photos from a recent art gathering "tomorrow." That was a week ago. What can I say? Time flies! And when I finally opened the file with the photos I took, they were all blurry. Have I mentioned lately that I am one of the world's worst photographers with my digital camera? The camera I've had for 4 years? And every January I make a resolution to actually read the manual and learn to use it? And then I don't? Have I mentioned that lately?

So in lieu of my own photos, I will link you to the blogs of some of the attendees who actually do know how to use their cameras -- Tabitha and Ginger.

It was a perfect day. The hostess, a very good friend of mine, is an event planner as well as an artist, so in addition to good company, we had great food, beautiful surroundings, and a seamless choreography of the day's events. She even managed to make it stop raining -- no small feat this summer.

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Ginger said...

I have to give cerdit to Tabitha she took all the photos. I'm not a huge fan of my getto looking digital camera lately. It take good pictures but I have drop it one to many times and looks really sad. Tabitha has an amazing camera that I'm super jealous of.