Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First steps...

(the latest excerpt)

Avery came out of the operating room at 11:30pm with her new "Bi-VAD.

Dr. Fynn-Thompson placed both a left and right VAD - so she now has her Berlin Heart pumping her complete pulmonary and cardiac output - another miracle that we have been blessed to receive!

She looks beautiful and is on A LOT of pain medication and sedation - so hopefully - she took our advice and is dreaming of her eventual trip to Disney World, pink elephants and ice cream -- and all other really fun thoughts!!

She has a team of MANY caring for her tonight - it is overwhelming and beyond extraordinary to see the dedication of so many - who stayed with her - WELL beyond their shift in the cardiac OR - led by Dr. Fynn-Thompson who is still here guarding over her and his amazing work!

Avery is stable thanks to the efforts of many and prayers of millions!!
We will send another update tomorrow - but I will end tonights update with the saying in a perfectly beautiful card that we read as Avery's surgical team wheeled her into her room (thanks Bets!! xo)

Only you can create your own path...

when you find it - and set foot on it

step boldly in the direction of what feels right

The first steps can be the hardest

New landscapes

can be astonishingly beautiful.

...Good night sweet beautiful "cutes"
We are ALL here with you - on your new path! xoxo
We love you "to the moon and back"

Cheryl and Mike


fran p. said...

How wonderful! God be with her as she dreams her beautiful dreams of Disneyland...

Robyn said...

Just focus on Disneyland, Avery!!!
I'm surrounding you in white light girl!

Peggy said...

I'm at a loss for words. Continued prayers for you and Avery and her family.