Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is a magic microwave shampoo cap that washes and rinses Avery's hair without water, while she sits in bed!!! Amazing!!!!

Avery had a great day. She was able to come off her bipap machine 3 times - for 3 hours each time. This will help her build up her respiratory muscles and test the left side of her heart out to also excercise it - to accomodate to pumping all that blood flow that it has never needed to.

All of her "numbers" and her exam tell us she is tolerating this well - but we are told it does take time for this process to occur.

She continues on her feedings through her jejunal tube - but we have had a hard time keeping it in place. It seems to spontaneously slip out into her stomach. ideally - they would like it past her stomach into her intestinal area so that if she does have any vomiting - she does risk choking or aspiratig on her feedings.

Avery was excitied to see her Aunt Jesse, Poppy, Gram Toole and Uncle Kevin come visit her today!

She is currently watching "Enchanted" (one of her favorite movies) with her dad and we will be getting an x-ray momentarily to see if the new feeding tube is in the correct position. Hopefully it will be - and we will all be settling in to get some rest.

--Thanks to all for your prayers, kind words and good wishes. I was with Avery on Christmas and she is doing even better today, as reported by my dad & sister!!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Kerri; great to see Avery here; thank you! Through all of her challenges, she still has that spirit and joy in her eyes! Amazing! I'm so happy she's doing better. Thanks for all of the updates; Avery remains in my prayers. Love, Marilyn

Robyn said...

Oh boy it's wonderful to see little Avery looking so good. I had a lump in my throat seeing her in the earlier photo (tasting the snow) but in such a little time she has improved so much. That could even be mischief in those beautiful eyes! Such a good sign!.

fran p. said...

Kerri, she is sooooo sweet. She should be awarded the Purple Heart for Bravery. She has more courage than most adults I know. If it wasn't for all the tubes, she looks very healthy and that shampoo cap is quite the thing...and I agree with Robyn, she does have mischief in her eyes. I will continue to keep her in my prayers as well as you and your family.

Patti G. said...

Kerri, Avery is an angel! HOW adorable is she and strong too! Sweet girl, through all her trials you can see her happy eyes! I will keep her in my prayers!
And you and the family as well. It is hard when you love someone and they are struggling.....she is darling. xoxoxox
Blessings for the New Year Kerri!

DJ said...

I'm glad that Avery is continuing to do better! She does look much improved in this picture. Those shampoo caps are very neat, too!

julie king said...

she is looking wonderful and such a trooper! i know it is hard for you and all her family to see her like this especially at the holidays. hope she continues to improve and can go home soon!

god bless to all of you!

Anonymous said...

She looks great -- I'm so happy for her, for you, for her family!