Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Inspire me Thursday... on Tuesday

I've never participated in this before, but wanted to give it a try. I'm a graphic artist by day, so I chose to do a digital collage since that format lends itself well to black & white. This is just a fun little circus collage. I used a free online translation program to translate the french headlines, so they may be somewhat incorrect, but everything sounds better in french.

Note for those who've been following my blog: (especially Debbie)... Mozilla conquers Explorer... I downloaded the Mozilla browser this morning and like magic, no more photo posting problems, so hopefully, I'll be blogging more regularly again.


DEW said...

I just LOVE these gal!! Wonderfull!

windyangel said...

Very cute. Glad you shared this.
Eavesdropping on your note to Debbie. Totally agreed about Firefox. It's terrific. I had my battles with Explorer last week even though we already had Firefox.

Hanna said...

fun collage! and yes, Firefox rules!